French translation for you

Don’t speak  French? Pas de probleme



You are planning to go to the Ivory Coast and… horror ! all the documents you need for a smooth business travel are in French. This is where we step in and here is how:

  • 1- We provide graduate bilingual contacts in the Ivory Coast. Your contact will speak French, English and will have studied either in India, the UK or in America.Your contact is not simply an interpreter, he or she will be a business person who knows the cashew supply chain inside out and will be friendly and transparent in their dealings with you .


  •         2- You can also contact us here in our London office for a chat. We will give you a head-start and translate the documents you may not be familiar with. In addition we will tell you the dos and don’t in a very straightforward way.      Because we are in London all the communication tools you can think of are available to us so no hassle, no headaches just get in touch. You only need to register your interest once on our mailing list and the rest is just child play.