FocusAfrica (cote d'ivoire)

- La Cote d'Ivoire sous un autre angle

About us


FocusAfrica was set up in 2009  as an independent  development  research and advice office   aiming at providing a simple and accessible platform to anybody who speaks English and has the best interests of the Ivory Coast at heart.

What we do now : Medical translation in London

                        :Facilitate  business between buyers and the cooperatives in Ivory Coast (cashew)

                                      Academic research for students based in Africa ( books, development issues etc…)




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Why should you come to us before you go to the Ivory Coast to buy?

  • We are bilingual (English and French)
  • We have our main base in London in the United Kingdom
  • You can monitor our activities from anywhere in the World
  • We know our stuff that is to say we know how to talk to our people so that you can have the best deal
  • We will never agree or proceed to anything you are not aware of 

Where are we?

 Hammersmith in London  





Here you will be liaising with Kounamitri Diabate. The man who studied human resource management in India. Kounamitri has also an extensive experience in the cashew nuts supply chain management. This young man will tell you everything you need to know about the business world of commodity in the Ivory Coast and he will do so with charm.